Netanyahu Denies Approval for US Recognition of Palestinian State

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has denied reports suggesting his approval of the United States’ proposal to recognize the Palestinian state. This denial comes amidst speculations regarding economic policies and diplomatic initiatives in the region. Netanyahu clarified that any decision regarding the recognition of a Palestinian state would be brought to a vote in the Israeli Cabinet, emphasizing his opposition to unilateral recognition without direct negotiations between the parties involved.

In a statement issued on Sunday, Netanyahu underscored Israel’s steadfast rejection of international dictates concerning a permanent settlement with the Palestinians. He emphasized that only through direct negotiations, without preconditions, could such an arrangement be reached. The statement further reiterated Israel’s firm opposition to unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state, citing concerns that such a move would reward terrorism and impede future peace settlements.

The Israeli government unanimously approved a statement presented by Netanyahu regarding its stance on recognizing a Palestinian state. The statement reaffirmed Israel’s commitment to opposing any unilateral recognition and emphasized the need for direct negotiations as the only path towards a peaceful resolution. Netanyahu’s remarks came amidst heightened speculation regarding potential diplomatic initiatives and agreements between Israel and the United States.

Netanyahu’s statements signal Israel’s continued adherence to its long-standing policy regarding the recognition of a Palestinian state. As diplomatic efforts evolve in the region, Israel remains steadfast in its position, emphasizing the importance of direct negotiations and rejecting any unilateral actions that could undermine future peace negotiations. The developments underscore the complex geopolitical dynamics at play in the Middle East and the challenges involved in reaching a lasting resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


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