Lagos Police Apprehend ‘One Chance’ Robbers

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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The Lagos State Police Command has apprehended two individuals allegedly involved in a ‘one chance’ robbery operation in the city. The suspects, identified as Okoro, 45, and Patience, 42, were taken into custody following an incident that occurred around 6:00 am on Saturday.

Reports indicate that the modus operandi of the robbers involves posing as commercial bus drivers, luring unsuspecting passengers into their vehicle, and then diverting them to secluded locations where they are robbed of their belongings. The term “one chance” is commonly used in Nigeria to describe such criminal activities perpetrated by groups targeting individuals waiting for public transportation.

According to a police source, the arrests were made in the Olusosun area of Ojota, Lagos, following actionable intelligence provided by the public. One victim was able to identify the suspects, alleging that they had stolen N37,000 from her during a previous encounter.

“The incident happened around 6 am, and one Patient, aged 42, and one Okoro, aged 45, were arrested based on the credible information received from the public. One of the victims was able to recognise them, and she said they stole about 37,000 from them,” the source disclosed.

Benjamin Hundeyin, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, confirmed the arrests, emphasizing that the investigation is ongoing. He assured the public that the suspects will be brought to justice once the investigation is concluded.

Instances of ‘one chance’ robberies have been a cause for concern in Lagos and other urban areas, prompting law enforcement agencies to intensify efforts to curb such criminal activities and ensure the safety of residents and commuters.


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