Sudanese Army Makes Significant Progress in Omdurman Conflict

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Sudanese Army Makes Significant Progress in Omdurman Conflict

The Sudanese army has reported a notable advancement, marking its first major gain in 10 months of warfare. According to the latest updates, the Sudanese army has successfully regained control of a portion of Omdurman, a key city, from the Rapid Support Forces (RSF).

The announcement came late on Friday, with the army declaring that it had effectively connected its two primary bases within Omdurman. This achievement prompted jubilant celebrations among soldiers and residents alike.

However, the RSF has refuted the army’s claims, dismissing them as mere propaganda. In a statement issued by the RSF media office, they accused the army of resorting to misinformation as they allegedly faced imminent defeat on the battlefield.

The conflict between the Sudanese army and the RSF has raged for nearly a year, resulting in a devastating toll on the country’s population. Thousands have lost their lives, millions have been displaced, and warnings of famine loom large.

Initially, the RSF seized control of significant territories, including parts of the capital Khartoum, and its surrounding areas, as well as regions in western Kordofan and Darfur. However, the army maintained its presence in key bases across the capital.

Recent developments indicate a shift in the conflict dynamics, with the army making strategic advances, particularly in utilizing drone technology to bolster its efforts. This has enabled the army to expand its control beyond its traditional strongholds, significantly impacting the capital.

Despite challenges such as a two-week internet blackout, reports from Omdurman and neighboring areas depict jubilation among civilians and soldiers alike.

However, the conflict has been marred by reports of atrocities committed by both sides, including forced displacement, looting, and sexual violence against civilians. The RSF faces accusations of crimes against humanity, war crimes, and ethnic cleansing, while the army is also accused of similar offenses.

As the situation unfolds, there are pledges from both sides to hold rogue elements accountable for their actions. Yet, the path toward a resolution remains uncertain as the conflict continues to escalate.


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