Tinubu and Governors Reach Consensus on Establishment of State Police

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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President Bola Tinubu, along with state governors, convened an emergency meeting yesterday, focusing on addressing the nation’s economic challenges and escalating insecurity. Held at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, the meeting underscored the urgency of implementing measures to counter the prevailing security threats across various regions of the country.

One of the pivotal outcomes of the gathering was the unanimous decision to establish state police as a proactive step to combat the rising wave of insecurity. President Tinubu endorsed the formation of a committee comprising state governors and federal government representatives tasked with exploring the modalities for establishing state police forces.

Additionally, discussions centered on enhancing the capacity of forest rangers to bolster security in forested areas and along national borders. The imperative to strengthen security measures arises amidst mounting concerns over the escalation of insecurity nationwide.

In response to the growing clamor for state police, a system reminiscent of the First Republic before its abolition by the Military, the meeting acknowledged the need for concerted efforts to address prevailing security challenges effectively. Presently, several states have established vigilante groups, with the South-West region notably implementing the Amotekun initiative.

President Tinubu underscored the importance of cracking down on individuals hoarding food commodities, which has exacerbated food scarcity concerns. He directed security chiefs, including the National Security Adviser, the Director-General of the Department of State Services, and the Inspector-General of Police, to take decisive action against those engaging in such practices.

Furthermore, President Tinubu emphasized the government’s commitment to alleviating the economic hardships faced by Nigerians. Measures include the release of approximately 102,000 metric tons of assorted food items to mitigate the effects of rising costs of living.

The meeting also addressed critical issues such as livestock development, job creation for youths, and the timely payment of workers’ salaries and pension arrears. President Tinubu urged governors to prioritize these initiatives to stimulate economic growth and ensure the welfare of citizens.

President Tinubu reiterated the need for collaborative efforts between the federal government, state governors, and the National Assembly to establish a robust framework for state policy implementation. He emphasized the importance of proactive measures to address security challenges and foster economic stability across the nation.


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