Shekarau Advocates Community Policing Amid Rising Security Concerns

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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The former Kano State Governor Ibrahim Shekarau has thrown his weight behind the implementation of federally-coordinated community policing nationwide. This call comes amidst growing concerns over the surge in food prices, economic hardships, and widespread incidents of insecurity gripping the nation.

The recent emergency meeting between President Bola Tinubu and state governors at the Aso Rock Villa shed light on the Federal Government’s contemplation of establishing state police as a measure to address the prevailing security crisis. Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, underscored that the proposal is still in its nascent stage and requires further deliberations among stakeholders.

Speaking on Channels TV’s Politics Today, Shekarau commended Tinubu’s directives and stressed the significance of community policing being community-owned, with governmental coordination. He emphasized the need to bolster the Nigeria Police personnel through ongoing recruitment drives totaling 60,000, aiming to enhance security efforts nationwide.

The former Kano State governor highlighted the effectiveness of the Hisbah Guard in Kano, emphasizing its community-centric approach to intelligence gathering and policing. Shekarau emphasized the importance of traditional institutions in the success of community policing initiatives.

Addressing concerns about potential misuse of state police for political purposes, Shekarau advocated for community policing models that are insulated from political influence, focusing on intelligence gathering and community engagement.

Shekarau urged for a significant increase in police recruitment and continuous training to address the inadequacies in manpower, equipment, funding, and welfare within the Nigeria Police Force. He cited examples from other countries like Egypt, emphasizing the need for a substantial increase in police personnel to effectively police the nation’s vast territory.

Praising President Tinubu’s call for governors to protect forests, Shekarau emphasized the importance of empowering local government authorities to play an active role in security management. He underscored the need for governors to allocate funds and provide support to local governments to enhance their capacity for effective security monitoring and response.

In conclusion, Shekarau reiterated the necessity for collaborative efforts between federal, state, and local governments, alongside traditional institutions, to implement robust community policing strategies and effectively tackle the prevailing security challenges facing Nigeria.


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