SA: Murder-Accused Surgeon Denies Ignoring Concerns in Child’s Case, Court Hears

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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In a dramatic turn of events at the Johannesburg High Court, murder-accused paediatric surgeon Peter Beale vehemently denied allegations of disregarding a colleague’s concerns regarding a boy he operated on, who tragically passed away. Beale faces three counts of murder, with the state arguing that his actions amounted to recklessness, leading to the deaths of three children under his care.

During the ongoing trial, which has captivated public attention, Beale’s defense team presented a strong rebuttal to the prosecution’s claims. The latest testimony heard from a paediatrician who treated a three-year-old patient after he experienced distress following surgery performed by Beale.

According to the paediatrician’s account, the child’s subsequent autopsy revealed indications of septic peritonitis, prompting her to voice concerns about potential abdominal complications. She alleged that Beale disregarded her warnings. However, Beale’s defense counsel, Ian Green, challenged this assertion, arguing that Beale had indeed taken action by performing a peritoneal tap on the child, albeit at the insistence of the paediatrician.

The defense emphasized that Beale’s intervention demonstrated responsiveness to the concerns raised, refuting claims of negligence or inaction on his part. Despite the contentious exchange in court, Beale’s defense team sought to cast doubt on the prosecution’s narrative, underscoring the complexities of the case.

As the proceedings adjourned for the day, the trial is set to resume on Friday, with further testimony and cross-examination expected. The trial continues to draw widespread attention, shedding light on the intricate details surrounding the tragic deaths of the children under Beale’s care.


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