FRSC Warns Gombe Bicycle Riders Against Road Competition with Cars

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The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has issued a stern warning to bicycle riders in Gombe State, urging them to refrain from engaging in road competitions with motor vehicles to mitigate the risk of potential accidents leading to fatalities.

In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lafiyawo, Akko LGA, Gombe State, the Gombe FRSC Sector Commander, Mr. Felix Theman, emphasized the importance of maintaining road safety among all road users, including cyclists.

Theman underscored that while bicycles are legitimate components of the traffic system, riders must exercise caution and avoid behaviors that could lead to conflicts on the roads, particularly with motor vehicles. Competing with cars, he emphasized, poses a significant risk of collisions and subsequent fatalities.

Expressing concern over observed instances of bicycle riders attempting to outpace vehicles, Theman stressed the necessity of cautioning riders, especially children, against such reckless behavior.

“Our roads are not designed for competitive activities, hence the need to remind bicycle riders not to engage in contests with motorcycles and vehicles,” Theman stated. He urged riders to maintain the extreme right side of the road and refrain from occupying the central lanes.

Moreover, Theman highlighted the inherent dangers of nighttime cycling due to the absence of adequate lighting on bicycles, particularly emphasizing the heightened risk for children. He advised restricting bicycle usage to low-traffic areas within neighborhoods to minimize the likelihood of accidents.

Theman disclosed ongoing efforts by FRSC personnel to educate students in Gombe metropolis on the safe utilization of bicycles, emphasizing the importance of parental responsibility in ensuring children’s safety. He recommended the provision of helmets and other protective gear for young riders to enhance road safety.

In conclusion, the sector commander urged bicycle users to adhere to road safety protocols, including avoiding the left lane, to safeguard their well-being. As FRSC continues its advocacy and sensitization efforts, collaboration between authorities, parents, and the community is essential in promoting a culture of safety on the roads.


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