New Regulations Implemented in Burkina Faso to Restore Order in the Gas Market

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In Burkina Faso, getting hold of butane gas has become difficult, even though there is no official shortage. Despite the efforts of authorities, authorized retailers are having trouble keeping up with demand and often run out of stock. At the same time, unlicensed resellers are taking advantage of the situation, driving up prices.

To address this issue, Burkinabe authorities are taking steps to restore order in the gas market. A decree dated February 6th, jointly signed by Serge Poda, Minister of Commerce, and Aboubakar Nacanabo, Minister of Economy, outlines new regulations, with Article 3 being of particular importance. “Butane gas cylinders ranging from 1 to 12.5 kilograms, subsidized by the State, are exclusively reserved for domestic use by households residing within the national territory,” states the article.

Practically, authorities expect authorized resellers to refrain from selling these subsidized cylinders to industrial, commercial, and restaurant establishments, which are now required to purchase larger, unsubsidized cylinders. Additionally, vigilance is urged to prevent the exportation of these cylinders, as gas prices are lower in Burkina Faso compared to neighboring countries.

Taxis Affected as Well

The term “domestic use” as stipulated in the decree also applies to taxis that have been modified to run on gas—a longstanding practice deemed “dangerous” by consumer associations and henceforth declared illegal.

Consumer associations are also demanding increased government oversight to ensure that illegal resellers who drive up prices during shortages are duly penalized.

Soukaina Sghir

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