Congo-Brazzaville.. Closure of 5-February High School Due to “Serious Incivility”

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The Congolese government has decided to close the 5-February Technical High School, located in the eastern district of Brazzaville, due to severe incivility. Last week, students of this secondary educational institution removed the national tricolor flag to hoist a single-colored flag in its place.

The incident occurred in broad daylight on February 5th: a group of students, both girls and boys, were seen dancing, singing, and chanting “After the army, it’s our turn.” They took down the green-yellow-red national flag and raised a black flag in its place.

The government has condemned the act as “serious incivility.” Effective Monday, February 12th, until further notice, the technical high school is closed, and registrations for state exams are suspended.

The decision has been praised by the Movement of Congolese Students and Pupils (MEEC): “This is a good decision because there was desecration of the national emblem. These students behaved like delinquents in the school environment. They distinguished themselves with acts that we qualify as heinous and do not honor the school,” stated Prince Bayounga, president of the syndicate.

However, one parent, speaking anonymously, expressed reservations: “The closure, okay, for now, to convey the severity of the act. But as a parent, I would like the government to reconsider its decision as it is too harsh.”

According to the government, sixteen students involved in these acts have been identified, thirteen of whom have already been arrested and handed over to investigative services.

Soukaina Sghir

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