CAN 2024 Final.. Celebration and Disappointment Between Abidjan and Abuja

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In a thrilling finale, Ivory Coast clinched the 34th African Cup of Nations (CAN) title with a 2-1 victory over Nigeria. As the final whistle blew, jubilation engulfed Abidjan, the economic capital, while in Abuja, Super Eagles supporters gathered in bars quickly dispersed at the match’s end.

“Ivory Coast is the African champion! Who would have believed it? I am so happy, it’s magnificent!” exclaimed a supporter to Marine Jeannin, our correspondent in Abidjan. Amidst fireworks, chants, and vuvuzelas, fans shouted their joy until they lost their voices. Winning the CAN against Nigeria, on home turf, created a moment of national unity that will be etched in memories.

Moroseness in Abuja

With a forced smile, Chinedu remains glued to the screen. He had hoped for a Super Eagles victory to forget his dreary daily life: “We reached this stage with high expectations. We wanted to do better, we wanted to excel. But it’s unfortunate,” he told our correspondent in Abuja, Moïse Gomis.

Deborah follows football only when the Super Eagles are on TV. She had expected to celebrate Nigeria’s fourth star: “I’m not okay, I’m not happy. I’m not content; seriously. They beat us, so I’m not happy, seriously.” Williams, on the other hand, thundered and cursed aloud throughout the match. Lost final. Williams’s week starts poorly: “Our players didn’t put in more effort, especially when they scored the first goal. They could have tried to score the second goal.”

For Charles, however, the best team won. And without question: “Côte d’Ivoire played well, and they deserve it. I think the Super Eagles will learn from this setback and do better next time.” In less than 10 minutes, the entire Cornershop area in Abuja emptied. The enchanted interlude of the CAN has come to an end.


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