Attack by Armed Men Claims Dozens of Civilian Lives in Eastern Burkina Faso

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Armed Men

Armed men launched an assault on the village of Galgnoini, located in the Tigba commune in the Eastern region, according to multiple sources. The attack occurred on February 7th and resulted in around fifty civilian casualties. Despite numerous military operations, this region has been under the control of armed terrorist groups for several months.

According to accounts from some survivors, armed terrorist groups arrived in a village in the Tibga commune in eastern Burkina Faso on February 4th. “They ordered the population to leave,” one witness recounted. However, despite the ultimatum, the people decided not to depart.

A few days later, the same armed men stormed the village, executing three individuals and kidnapping residents.

Given the gravity of the situation, residents rallied around volunteers for the defense of the homeland to resist. “The armed groups then returned and opened fire on the population indiscriminately, especially targeting men considered as VDP,” explained a resident.

The market, granaries, and food supplies were looted and set ablaze. Several residents are reported missing. “Security forces and VDP are deployed on-site, but there are movements of populations towards neighboring localities,” noted a security analyst.


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