Sudan: Lieutenant General al-Atta Breaks Silence to Deny Coup Attempt in Omdurman

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Lieutenant General Yassir al-Atta, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Sudanese Army, finally emerged from silence on Tuesday. After two days of conflicting information and ambiguity, he denied, without directly addressing them, rumors of a coup attempt in the military zone of Wadi Saydna in Omdurman.

He affirmed the unity of the regular armed forces, operating “with one heart behind the leaders and according to an organized hierarchy.” Lieutenant General al-Atta sought to quell rumors as a statement released by Sudanese military media mentioned the arrest of several high-ranking officers for “not following orders and instructions.”

The identity of the arrested officers has not been disclosed, but they include several senior officers operating in Omdurman, where the Sudanese army maintains a significant military base coordinating the current offensive in Khartoum against the Rapid Support Forces.

Multiple Arrests

It was the military intelligence that arrested these officers for “acting without authorization” in attacking the paramilitaries of the Rapid Support Forces in Omdurman. Local media citing military sources claim that these officers disagree with their hierarchy on the tactics to adopt against the RSF.

A disagreement persists between them and the general command. While they seek to launch a total offensive against the RSF positions in Khartoum, the army prefers to conduct what are called “long-term” operations, favoring a war of attrition against the RSF.

Internal Change

A group called the “Military Change and Reform Group” has emerged. In a statement signed by army officers and dated February 6, it claims its intention to bring about internal change within the armed forces to “end the suffering of the Sudanese people.” According to the statement, other officers have also been arrested in Port Sudan.

This group mainly denounces the domination of the Muslim Brotherhood over decisions made by the army to defend the personal interests of Islamists keen on remaining in power for as long as possible at the expense of Sudan’s destruction. It finally warns against any attempt to liquidate or mistreat these officers.

This development follows the advance of the regular army in Omdurman, where it has recaptured several neighborhoods that fell into the hands of the RSF since the beginning of the war. The army is accused by several civilian forces in Sudan of seeking to prolong the war to remain in power.

Soukaina Sghir

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