Dani Alves Denies Allegations of Nightclub Rape, Asserts Encounter Was Consensual

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Dani Alves

Former Brazil international footballer Dani Alves has refuted accusations of rape stemming from an incident at a nightclub in Barcelona. Alves, currently on trial for allegedly assaulting a young woman in a bathroom at Sutton nightclub in December 2022, asserted that their interaction was consensual.

After several days of testimony from the alleged victim, witnesses, and experts, Alves addressed the Spanish court, maintaining that the encounter was consensual. He denied allegations of violence, stating, “I am not that type of man; I am not a violent man.”

The accuser recounted dancing with Alves and voluntarily entering the bathroom but claimed that he prevented her from leaving, slapped her, insulted her, and forced her into sexual activity against her will.

Contrary to her testimony, Alves insisted that she never indicated a desire to stop or leave. He emphasized that she never asked him to stop, asserting, “We were both enjoying ourselves.”

Alves has been in pre-trial detention since January 20, 2023, with bail requests denied due to flight risk concerns. However, Brazil’s policy against extraditing its citizens complicates potential legal repercussions for Alves.

During the investigation, Alves initially denied any sexual contact with the woman but later admitted to consensual encounters. He attributed his initial denial to a desire to preserve his marriage.

Ahead of the trial, Alves was instructed to set aside 150,000 euros for potential damages if found guilty. Despite the legal proceedings, Alves boasts a decorated football career, winning numerous titles with esteemed clubs like Barcelona, Juventus, and Paris Saint-Germain. He also contributed to Brazil’s successes in Copa America and Olympic competitions.

Alves’ association with Barcelona remains strong, having played for the club from 2008 to 2016 and briefly returning in 2022. However, his detainment led to the termination of his contract with Mexican team Pumas.

The trial continues to unfold as Alves contends with serious allegations while maintaining his innocence in the face of legal scrutiny.

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