Guinea: Towards a Strike Following the Arrest of Journalist and Unionist Sékou Jamal Pendessa

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In a charged atmosphere beneath the shelter of the Labor Exchange, Guinean unions convened in a general assembly on Tuesday, announcing the filing of a notice for a general strike. Their demand? The release of journalist and unionist Sékou Jamal Pendessa, who has been in detention for 19 days after calling for protests against the current internet and media restrictions in Guinea.

Under the canopy, dozens of women fervently chant and rally behind slogans in support of Sékou Jamal Pendessa, detained since January 19. Addressing the crowd, Kader Aziz Camara, leader of the National Confederation of Guinean Workers (CNTG), declares, “We demand Pendessa’s unconditional release. To this end, the labor movement has decided to submit a strike notice to the government.”

Among the attendees, these women, facing threats of eviction from two markets in Conakry, passionately joined the cause. The unionist also extends a message to them, saying, “Furthermore, we acknowledge the harsh realities of life; the women are before us.”

Diverse Demands

As a result, the central unions also call for a reduction in the prices of essential commodities. The strike notice amalgamates a range of disparate demands. Ibrahim Kalil Diallo, Deputy Secretary-General of the Guinean Press Professionals’ Union, asserts, “I believe the authorities must heed this growing discontent among the population. People feel suffocated because they lack access to information, they lack the opportunity to speak out.”

Soukaina Sghir

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