Mixed Sentiments in Soweto as ANC Campaigns; Residents Skeptical of Political Promises

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Mixed Sentiments in Soweto as ANC Campaigns; Residents Skeptical of Political Promises

As election fervor intensifies, residents in Soweto express skepticism towards the promises outlined in various political manifestos, stating that they often fail to address the real-life experiences of ordinary South Africans.

African National Congress (ANC) president, Cyril Ramaphosa, took to the streets of Soweto on Saturday, leading the party’s door-to-door voter registration campaign. Like many party leaders, Ramaphosa engaged in a charm offensive to connect with the electorate ahead of the upcoming elections.

Despite the warm welcome received by the ANC president in Protea, some residents voiced their reservations, indicating a lack of trust in the campaign efforts of any political party. They argued that many manifestos failed to address the pressing issues affecting their lives.

One resident, standing on the sidelines, emphasized the neglect of youth-related concerns in political agendas, pointing out entitlement issues without corresponding efforts for personal development. Another resident highlighted the oversight of middle-income households, stressing that these families bear the brunt of government incompetencies.

As Gauteng holds a significant 25% share of the national vote, residents believe that crucial matters such as free quality education, mental health, and the tangible impacts of climate change have been sidelined in what they term the “forgotten manifesto.”

The diverse sentiments in Soweto underscore the challenges political parties face in resonating with the electorate and addressing the nuanced concerns of different demographic groups as the nation approaches the polling booths.


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