Nigeria: Major Illegal Oil Refinery Uncovered by Military in Rivers State

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Nigeria: Major Illegal Oil Refinery Uncovered by Military in Rivers State

The 6 Division of the Nigerian Army has made a significant discovery in Rivers State. They found an expansive illegal refinery camp, along with an enormous five million litres of stolen crude oil stored in a reservoir. The illicit refinery was discovered along the Mirinwanyi channel of the Imo River in the Komkom area of the Oyigbo Local Government Area. Maj.-Gen. Jamal Abdussalam, the General Officer Commanding the 6 Division, disclosed this information.

Expressing concern over the scale of oil theft, Maj.-Gen. Abdussalam pointed out that the operation revealed the involvement of influential individuals behind the illicit activities. He emphasized that the complexity and scale of the discovered facilities surpassed what ordinary individuals could establish, requiring substantial financial resources, expertise, and careful planning.

Addressing the challenge of identifying the masterminds, Maj.-Gen. Abdussalam noted, “I said it before that most of the arrests were laborers working on the site; we have not been able to get real culprits. We can see the facilities here. It is not something that ordinary people can set up. It needs money, expertise, and careful planning.”

This revelation comes just a week after the military uncovered approximately three million liters of crude oil in another illegal refinery at Odagwa in the Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State.

Expressing disappointment at the persistence of such illegal activities, Maj.-Gen. Abdussalam asserted the military’s unwavering commitment to eradicating all illegal refineries and connections in their operational jurisdiction. He disclosed that, based on credible intelligence, the recent raid was part of their ongoing efforts to combat illegal activities.

“This is in continuation of our operations to destroy all illegal refineries and illegal connections in our area of responsibility. Based on credible intelligence, this morning, our troops raided this location,” Maj.-Gen. Abdussalam stated. “We have discovered over 15 boilers and about nine reservoirs. From our estimation, the crude oil that had been stolen and reserved here for processing is over five million liters.”

Undeterred by the challenges, Maj.-Gen. Abdussalam affirmed the military’s determination, saying, “We will not get tired. We will continue with our job.”


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