Traffic Diversion at Marine Bridge: Lagos State Implements Comprehensive Maintenance

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Traffic Diversion

The Commissioner for Transportation, Oluwaseun Osiyemi, has issued a statement announcing a traffic diversion at the Ijora 7up end of the Marine Bridge. The diversion is expected to commence on February 2nd and will last until May 10th, 2024. The reason for the diversion is to allow for extensive maintenance work to be carried out on the bridge.

The decision to divert traffic has been taken to facilitate the comprehensive maintenance of the bridge, and the commissioner has urged motorists to follow alternative routes provided by the state government during the repair period.

Alternative routes have been outlined for motorists affected by the traffic diversion. For those heading towards Apapa from Marine Bridge, they are advised to use the Malu Road via Mobil Road U-turn to connect to the Marine Bridge Access Ramp (Inbound Apapa). From there, they can proceed to the Point Road U-turn leading into Marine Bridge (Ijora bound) and follow the diversion at the closed section. Motorists can then join the counter-flow lane on the Apapa bound lane back to the Ijora bound lane after the closed section.

Motorists have an alternative route to access Marine Bridge Road inward Malu Road. They can make use of the Mobil road u-turn and proceed to Area B/NAGAFF to access Point road u-turn into Marine Bridge (Ijora bound). This route enables them to join the counter-flow lane on the Apapa-bound lane and divert back to the Ijora-bound lane after the closed section.

Commissioner Oluwaseun Osiyemi assured the public that Traffic Management Personnel would be deployed to the affected routes to minimize inconveniences and improve traffic flow during the maintenance period.

Soukaina Sghir

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