DRC: Katumbi’s Camp Contemplates Participation in New Legislature

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The newly inaugurated National Assembly has officially commenced its proceedings, with a temporary bureau established earlier this week. However, the inaugural session of this extraordinary parliamentary session was notably marked by the absence of opposition deputies, particularly those from Ensemble for the Republic, the party led by Moïse Katumbi. The former governor remains highly critical of the electoral process and continues to advocate for the organization of new elections.

Ensemble for the Republic has scheduled a meeting for next week to determine its potential participation in the institutions. Two distinct positions are already emerging within this political faction.

Some argue that taking seats in the lower house of Parliament would amount to validating the election results contested by Ensemble for the Republic. Conversely, another group views this participation not as a concession but rather as a pragmatic utilization of the results.

To illustrate this perspective, a close associate of Moïse Katumbi emphasizes that if someone steals $1,000 from him and loses $300 along the way, he wouldn’t refrain from using the remaining $300. However, this doesn’t signify recognition of the thief’s right to keep the remaining $700.

The same associate highlights the risk of losing the majority of Ensemble for the Republic’s elected officials, who might potentially join the majority if they abstain from participating in this legislature.

Another official from the former candidate explains that the decision to sit in the National Assembly must be based on a clear roadmap, and any decision to boycott should be accompanied by an alternative solution.

Another close associate of Moise Katumbi emphasizes that the final decision must involve all affiliated lists within Moïse Katumbi’s political family at all levels, national parliament, provincial parliament, and municipal councils. As the debate continues, the ultimate choice will shape the stance of Ensemble for the Republic in the unfolding political landscape of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Soukaina Sghir

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