Cameroon: Economic Operator Hervé Bopda Arrested on Charges of Sexual Assault

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In a significant development, Cameroonian economic operator Hervé Bopda was apprehended in the night between Tuesday, January 30th, and Wednesday, January 31st, in Douala while staying at a motel. Bopda had been the subject of numerous accusations of serious acts of violence and sexual assault over the past ten days, voiced by various individuals through social media platforms.

The unfolding #MeToo-style case has dominated attention in Cameroon, with a barrage of anonymous denunciations against Hervé Bopda circulating on Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and other platforms. The detailed testimonials from both women and men vividly depict the alleged horrors inflicted by Bopda.

Well-known as an economic operator and socialite in Douala, Bopda’s alleged actions reportedly extend to Yaoundé, Kribi, Limbe, and Buea, as per the accounts of presumed victims. Despite the anonymity of the testimonies, a consistent portrayal emerges of Hervé Bopda as a violent individual, known to brandish a firearm to intimidate his victims.

The accusations against him include claims of violating hundreds of women, as asserted by a whistleblower who claims to have received over 1,000 testimonials, choosing to publish a select few at this point, totaling around sixty.

Amidst the viral #StopBopda hashtag demanding his arrest, the businessman opted to file a defamation complaint in response.

Hervé Bopda’s arrest marks a critical moment in addressing the serious allegations against him. As legal proceedings unfold, the case brings to light the broader conversation on sexual assault and the importance of creating a safe environment for survivors to speak out against such heinous acts. The nation now awaits the legal proceedings and potential implications for a figure previously known for his economic activities and social presence in Cameroon.

Soukaina Sghir

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