Chad: Substantial “Risk Allowance” Granted to Army Soldiers

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Soldiers of the Chadian army are set to see a significant boost in their monthly earnings. This was announced by the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces during the midday television news on Monday. As part of the ongoing efforts to “revitalize and improve living conditions,” soldiers will now receive a risk allowance, similar to the longstanding practice for special forces. The move aims to address the needs of all uniformed personnel, according to the army’s communication services.

Chadian soldiers had already received a salary increase a year ago, following the adoption of a new general status for military personnel in defense and security forces. This legislative reform modernized their status, incorporating changes such as structured promotions, orderly retirement, and uniform pay rates for equivalent ranks. For instance, the monthly salary of a 2nd class private in the lowest rank increased from 45,000 to 72,250 CFA francs, equivalent to 115 euros.

This recent measure specifically applies to members of the army, as clarified by the Chief of Staff, General Abakar Abdelkerim Daoud. Soldiers of the army will now receive a risk allowance in addition to their regular salary, a benefit that had long been extended to Chadian special forces, including the DGSSIE (Presidential Guard) and the Division of Special Anti-Terrorist Groupments, as outlined by the army’s communication services.

Starting from the end of this month, a 2nd class private in the lowest rank will now pocket a substantial sum of 127,500 CFA francs, nearly 200 euros, nearly triple the salary they received just over a year ago. This increase extends to army generals, constituting approximately 30% of Chadian military personnel, who will also benefit from the risk allowance. This positive development underscores the government’s commitment to enhancing the well-being of its armed forces.

Soukaina Sghir

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