DRC: Presidential Majority Forms a Bloc of Over 100 Deputies in Parliament

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Ministers Vital Kamerhe, Julien Paluku, Jean-Lucien Bussa, and a representative of President Félix Tshisekedi, leading prominent political groupings within the majority, launched a bloc comprising more than 100 national deputies out of the 487 in the assembly. This internal dynamic claims to be open to any membership, yet its ambitions are not explicitly outlined.

Officially stated goals of the “Pact for a Rediscovered Congo” platform include “meeting the challenge of governance,” “strengthening cohesion within the majority,” and “providing the necessary support to the president to fulfill his vision.”

Vital Kamerhe emphasizes a non-self-serving approach: “This has nothing to do with power-sharing. Each political organization has proven what it is capable of. The election results speak for themselves. Far from the idea of political positioning, we do not need it. We need a governance system that can channel the president’s core ideas to transform his dream into reality.”

According to Minister of Industry Julien Paluku, this initiative aims to assist the president: “After the elections, we needed to come together to say, ‘Here is the number of deputies that are part of the majority,’ so we wanted to facilitate the identification of the majority within Parliament so that each of the parties we compose does not arrive individually, but that the alliance can already arrive as a bloc and support the president in the implementation of his various programs.”

The ruling party, UDPS, claims not to view this initiative with skepticism, even though some regime stalwarts already perceive it as a force capable of claiming positions within future institutions.

In any case, it is a significant maneuver within the presidential majority ahead of the formation of the government and the appointment of new leaders in political institutions.

Soukaina Sghir

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