Benin: President Talon Meets Parliamentary Groups to Address Electoral Code Amendment

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The Constitutional Court of Benin urged lawmakers to amend the electoral code for a coherent schedule with non-overlapping dates. Nearly twenty days later, President Patrice Talon met with the three parliamentary groups of the National Assembly, including the opposition group Les Démocrates, at the Marina Palace. The court’s ruling pertains to the 2026 general elections and was issued following a citizen’s petition. This meeting aimed at fostering consultation and understanding each group’s stance on the matter.

The discussions took place behind closed doors, with President Patrice Talon accompanied by his Minister of Justice. The President was unable to hear the views of opposition deputies on the court’s decision, as Les Démocrates intend to consult their leader, Boni Yayi. However, the two majority groups in power engaged in more extensive exchanges with President Talon.

Regarding the question of which deputies should provide endorsements in 2026 for presidential candidates – incumbents or newly elected officials – the majority party UPR, for instance, reportedly prefers the latter. However, no official or public statement has been made by either party on this matter.

In a role as a political mediator, President Patrice Talon allegedly urged his majority to prioritize inclusive consultations, especially since the opposition expressed a preference for consensus. The scheduled amendment to the electoral code is yet to be confirmed.

Several lawmakers present at the meeting revealed that President Talon reiterated his commitment to stepping down in 2026 at the end of his second and final term.


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