Mali Strongly Condemns Algerian Interference in Its Internal Affairs

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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The Malian government vehemently rejected a draft proposal presented by Algeria during the recent Non-Aligned Movement summit held in the capital. This was affirmed today by the Malian Minister of State, Abdullah Maiga, in his speech. The Algerian proposal aims to prioritize the 2015 Algiers Agreement, signed between the Malian government and armed rebel groups. However, Bamako authorities refused it, considering it blatant interference by Algeria in their internal affairs, a sentiment echoed by other Sahel countries.

Maiga denounced that “rules and procedures cannot be above the sovereignty of member states.” The Malian official called for the “complete withdrawal” of the section dedicated to Mali from the summit’s final document.

The Minister of State stated, “Without changing these rules, there is a significant risk of making decisions about the country in its absence and without its consent, resembling magic.”

The Malian government expressed its disapproval of the Algerian proposal, urging respect for its national sovereignty in addressing the crisis the country has been facing since 2012. It categorically rejected the Algerian text, demanding its complete removal from the meeting’s final statement. Mali sees Algeria’s proposal as a new example of the inconsistencies in the Algerian government’s policy toward Mali.


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