Cebbie Koks and Steve Ogolla’s Marriage Raises Eyebrows as Cryptic Facebook Post Sparks Speculation

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Cebbie Koks and Steve Ogolla's Marriage Raises Eyebrows as Cryptic Facebook Post Sparks Speculation

The marriage of Cebbie Koks, sister of renowned musician Akothee, and her husband Steve Ogolla has become the talk of the town. The couple, who tied the knot in a grand traditional ceremony in December 2022, is now facing rumors of trouble in paradise.

The speculations gained momentum after Cebbie Koks, a social media influencer, posted a cryptic message on her Facebook page, hinting at possible turbulence in her marriage. Adding fuel to the fire, she took a significant step by deleting all their wedding photos from her social media accounts, leaving fans and followers puzzled about the state of their relationship.

Despite previous rumors about their separation, the couple had dismissed them by sharing joint photos at public events. However, recent developments, including the removal of wedding pictures, suggest a potential strain in their relationship.

Cebbie’s latest Facebook post on January 17, 2023, featured a photo of herself laughing, accompanied by a humorous video where someone jokingly mentions being returned after claiming to be taken. The post strongly implies a shift in her relationship status, leaving fans eagerly awaiting clarification from the social media personality.

In contrast, Steve Ogolla, a well-known lawyer and political analyst, has maintained silence on the matter. He has not unfollowed or removed posts featuring him and his wife from his social media accounts.

The couple had previously shared their journey in a candid interview with Nairobi News during the grand opening of Chateau 254 Cellar Gastro Club, owned by their niece Vesha Okello. Cebbie had expressed confidence in their relationship, acknowledging the challenges faced by any couple but emphasizing their ability to navigate them.

“How we met is a long journey. I can’t say exactly where, but we were both very ready for each other,” Cebbie had shared during the interview. Despite recognizing the normal challenges in any marriage, she expressed optimism, stating, “He is not a difficult man, and I think we are both ready to learn each other.”

As fans await further updates on this developing story, the mystery surrounding Cebbie Koks and Steve Ogolla’s marriage continues to capture the attention of social media and the public alike.


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