Chad: Prime Minister Succès Masra to Present Transition Program

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Succès Masra

While his primary mission is to organize credible and transparent elections in the limited time remaining, the former opponent of the transition, Succès Masra, has reportedly crafted an ambitious program. The head of the transitional government will present his government program for the remainder of the transition period this Wednesday before the National Transition Council, acting as Parliament, by Article 101 of the country’s new Constitution. The session will conclude with a vote of confidence motion.

According to Masra’s close associates, the program extends beyond the remaining nine months of the transition. Succès Masra aims to “lay the foundations for the Fifth Republic,” which commenced in late 2023 with the enactment of Chad’s new Constitution. This involves outlining the government’s vision for the country’s restructuring over the next five years, as stated by one of his communication advisors.

For the immediate term, Masra’s government will focus on two main axes, as per his close aides.

His foremost priority is an orderly exit from the transition period, achieved through the “timely organization” of what he terms “the best elections in Chad’s history.” This necessitates an accelerated pace, given the “very limited time remaining and immense tasks,” caution several political analysts.

Simultaneously, Chad faces numerous socio-economic challenges: electricity, employment, healthcare, cost of living, and the fight against corruption. Described as a “mission government,” it will initiate concrete actions to address these challenges, starting with the education sector, successfully resolving a two-month-long strike, as detailed by one of his advisors.

The session will conclude with a confidence vote following a parliamentary debate that may extend over several hours.

Soukaina Sghir

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