ANC’s Mantashe Calls for Disciplinary Action Against Zuma

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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The national chairperson of the African National Congress (ANC), Gwede Mantashe, has advocated for disciplinary charges to be brought against former President Jacob Zuma. This suggestion comes amidst Zuma’s active involvement in rallying against the ANC, serving as the public face of the newly established uMkhonto weSizwe Party.

Mantashe expressed his belief that Zuma should be held accountable for his actions within the ANC. However, he acknowledged the challenging timing of such a move due to the upcoming general elections. Despite Zuma’s claims of maintaining his ANC membership, his recent activities have fueled speculations about a growing disconnect between him and the ruling party.

During an interview on 702, Mantashe highlighted the need to document Zuma’s public statements against the ANC. This documentation could serve as the basis for formal charges once the elections are concluded. Mantashe emphasized the impact of Zuma’s remarks on the ANC, describing them as reflective of a bygone era when the organization operated under Zuma’s leadership.

“He is speaking the language of an ANC of Ramaphosa, meaning when he was president, we were basically his slaves, we were working for him, an ANC of Jacob Zuma,” Mantashe commented. He further emphasized the ANC’s core principle that no individual should be considered greater than the party itself.

As Zuma continues his nationwide tour mobilizing against the ANC, the party leadership faces the delicate task of managing internal dynamics and addressing the public fallout resulting from Zuma’s dissent. The unfolding events underscore the complex interplay of personalities within the ANC and the challenges of maintaining unity as the country approaches a crucial electoral period.



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