Renowned Journalist and Author Jérôme Carlos Passes Away in Benin

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Jérôme Carlos, a celebrated journalist, author, and historian in Benin, breathed his last at the age of 79 in Porto-Novo. Carlos, whose influence transcended national borders, was a distinguished radio commentator and the director of Capp FM in Cotonou, Benin’s capital.

The passing of Jérôme Carlos marks the end of an era for Benin’s media landscape. A veteran of both the written word and the airwaves, his illustrious career left an indelible mark, not only within his homeland but across the continent. Regarded as a doyen and a role model by numerous Beninese and Ivorian journalists, Carlos had become an emblematic figure in the field.

Beginning his career as a young educator in Porto-Novo, Jérôme Carlos experienced exile in the 1970s, fleeing the excesses of Mathieu Kérékou’s Marxist regime. The journey led him to Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Senegal. During his tenure in Abidjan, he assumed the editorial helm of Ivoire Dimanche, a publication under the Fraternité group, earning him respect and fond memories from his colleagues. Even in subsequent visits to Cotonou, Ivorian counterparts made it a point to pay their respects, with Venance Konan, former head of Fraternité, acknowledging Carlos as the one who “gave him a chance” upon hearing the news.

In 1998, Jérôme Carlos co-founded the immensely popular radio station, Capp FM, with a friend. Possessing a brilliant literary style and a captivating radio voice, he hosted a successful weekly segment covering a diverse range of topics. His latest installment was prepared for the upcoming Thursday, completed before his untimely departure following a sudden ailment at his residence.

Tributes are pouring in from all corners, with one colleague stating, “He is a monument and a conscience of our Africa.” Jérôme Carlos’s legacy remains a testament to his significant contributions to journalism and broadcasting, leaving an indomitable imprint on the media landscape of Benin and beyond.

Soukaina Sghir

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