DRC: CENI Accelerates Efforts for Election Results Announcement

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The outcome of the national legislative elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) remains undisclosed, surpassing the initially anticipated announcement date of January 3rd. The Commission électorale nationale indépendante (CENI) is diligently working to finalize and release the results before the weekend’s conclusion.

The task at hand is formidable for the CENI, requiring a meticulous examination of all electoral constituencies. Special attention is being devoted to the threshold of representativity, as political parties and alliances failing to achieve the 1% threshold will be ineligible for seats in the upcoming National Assembly.

The CENI emphasizes that it is taking the necessary time to minimize errors in calculating this critical threshold, a process fraught with complexity. A bureau member of the CENI stated, “If we take our time, it is to avoid material errors that could lead to prolonged legal disputes.” Some members of the electoral body acknowledge the pressure exerted by certain political parties, while Denis Kadima, the president of the electoral institution, remains steadfast in asserting that no deputies will be appointed, and he will not yield to any external pressure.

Complicating matters further are the cases of 82 candidates invalidated due to suspected fraud and/or electoral violence. The fate of these candidates now rests with the Council of State, expected to deliver its verdict this Friday. Additionally, potential sanctions loom for CENI agents implicated in complicity in fraud.

In the interim, the composition of the future Congolese Parliament holds significant stakes for various political parties, notably the current ruling coalition, the Union sacrée de la Nation. The unfolding developments underscore the intricate dynamics surrounding the electoral process in the DRC.


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