The Fractured Relationship between Algeria and the United Arab Emirates

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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In recent years, the once-muted discord between Algeria and the United Arab Emirates has escalated into a turbulent diplomatic rift. Tensions have been underscored by a series of retaliatory measures, including the UAE imposing sanctions on Algerian officials and obstructing their visa issuance.

Both sides have engaged in a war of words, with Algeria accusing Abu Dhabi of colluding with Israel and Morocco to undermine its national security, while the UAE alleges Algiers’ hostility towards its North African and sub-Saharan interests.

The media landscape reflects the escalating discontent between the two nations, with Algerian outlets echoing the government’s grievances regarding the perceived interference by the UAE. Allegations of financial backing from the Emirates to destabilize relations between Algeria and neighboring Sahel countries have further fueled the animosity.

Geopolitically, their divergent alliances exacerbate the divide, as Algeria leans towards Turkey, Qatar, and Iran, in contrast to the UAE’s alignment with Israel and Morocco. Their conflicting stances on the Libyan crisis, with Abu Dhabi backing Marshal Haftar and Algiers supporting Tripoli, further entrench the deep-seated discord.

As the rift widens, the strained relationship between Algeria and the United Arab Emirates underscores a complex web of geopolitical dynamics that transcend mere bilateral disputes.

Soukaina Sghir

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