Fuel Cisis in Guinea.. The Government Asks For a Little More Time

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Guinea is currently facing a fuel crisis that has been ongoing for three weeks. The shortage of gasoline is affecting the prices of necessities, posing a significant challenge for the country’s citizens. The crisis began after a fire broke out at a depot located at the port of Conakry. While authorities have been transporting gasoline from neighboring countries, it has not been enough to resolve the issue.

It took several weeks for the government to reach an agreement with a private company in Sierra Leone to store 14,000 cubic meters of gasoline in Freetown. However, the government now needs to find tank trucks that will supply the country’s major cities. Although 120 trucks are already making the shuttles, more is needed to alleviate the crisis.

Furthermore, logistical problems have caused delays in the arrival of the 50 million liters of fuel promised by the Ivory Coast shortly after the fire at the Kaloum depot. As discontent mounts in the country, the government is attempting to justify itself.

The fuel crisis has made traveling almost impossible, with Guineans being forced to wait for long hours at gas stations to obtain the authorized 25 liters. This has led to a surge in fuel prices on the black market. The situation has become dire, and the citizens are eagerly awaiting a resolution.

This Tuesday, the National Oil Company announced that the first ship containing diesel had arrived at the port of Conakry. The government has assured the citizens that pipeline repairs are underway, and the diesel shortage should be resolved. However, for gasoline, Guineans will still have to wait.

In conclusion, the fuel crisis in Guinea is a significant challenge that is affecting the country’s citizens. The government is working to find solutions to the crisis, but logistical problems and delays have made the situation more challenging. The citizens are eagerly awaiting a resolution to the crisis, and the government must act swiftly to alleviate their suffering.

Soukaina Sghir

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