EDM Executives Face Justice Amid Mali’s Energy Crisis

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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Amid frequent power outages plaguing the Malian capital and rural areas, the Energy Company of Mali (EDM), a state-owned entity, finds itself ensnared in allegations of mismanagement and financial malfeasance. This predicament, partly attributed to internal misappropriation, has hampered the organization’s ability to cope with escalating demand, triggering a wave of ramifications across the nation.

A cohort of former and incumbent executives, including the outgoing Director General of EDM, has been apprehended on charges of forgery and misuse of public resources, with the case being overseen by the National Economic and Financial Bureau in Bamako. As the investigation unfolds, the gravity of the allegations surrounding falsification and encroachment upon public assets unravels, casting a shadow over EDM’s operational integrity.

Amidst mounting debts amounting to approximately 600 billion CFA francs, EDM finds itself perilously constrained, with the state grappling to meet its fiscal obligations to suppliers. The repercussions are acutely felt by communities plunged into darkness, sparking a surge of discontent. Consequently, the pivotal saga of “EDM” has transcended as a matter of utmost national concern, now under the direct purview of the highest echelons of governance.

Soukaina Sghir

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