Madagascar: Andry Rajoelina Outlines Priorities for His Second Term in New Year’s Address

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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President Andry Rajoelina delivered his traditional year-end address on Sunday, December 31, outlining the priorities for his second term after being re-elected on December 1, 2023. Despite strong opposition from 11 out of the 13 candidates who contested the November 16 election results, Rajoelina’s initial words aimed at fostering unity.

Choosing a tone of reconciliation and unity, President Rajoelina addressed his supporters and detractors in a televised and radio broadcast. “For those who voted for other [candidates] and those still undecided, I promise to be the president of all Malagasy people. I must unite patriots, those with goodwill, to pursue the higher interest of the nation.”

To counter the diminishing value of vanilla on international markets, Rajoelina emphasized the need to export processed vanilla instead of raw vanilla through a dedicated factory. He also outlined plans to enhance gold production in Madagascar to attract foreign currency, particularly amid the decline in national currency. These initiatives are designed to address immediate concerns.

Addressing the rising price of rice, a staple for 80% of Malagasy citizens involved in agriculture, Rajoelina announced the construction of a large fertilizer production facility to support farmers. The objective is to achieve food self-sufficiency and reduce rice prices by domestically meeting all rice needs for the Malagasy people.

On the political front, the President pledged strict adherence to the Constitution in forming his new government. According to Article 54 of the supreme law, the Prime Minister will be chosen based on the proposal of the National Assembly. Rajoelina emphasized, “Following this, the Prime Minister will present the members of the upcoming government. I want to emphasize that appointments will not be influenced by the media portrayal of an individual or the collection of signatures but by competence.”


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