The Obsession with Overweight: The Pursuit of Beauty Amid Risky Methods and Illicit Trade

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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The Obsession with Overweight: The Pursuit of Beauty Amid Risky Methods and Illicit Trade

While beauty standards were traditionally associated with slimness and a proportional figure, today’s society has witnessed an unprecedented shift.

Contemporary beauty standards and the coveted ideal body are currently associated with a fuller figure, verging on what was traditionally deemed as overweight, even bordering on obesity.

In today’s society, a considerable number of women and girls are dedicatedly working towards achieving a more substantial weight, a notion that was once considered unconventional and tied to specific cultures and regions. Nevertheless, this pursuit has seamlessly integrated itself into our modern social fabric.

The Excessive Obsession

What captures attention in the trend of obsessing over weight gain is the unconventional methods employed by women to reach their objectives.

They resort to irrational and health-endangering approaches, seemingly indifferent to potential health risks and severe consequences.

One commonly acknowledged method to achieve maximum weight gain involves the consumption of substances with undisclosed sources and ingredients, often procured through social media platforms.

Individuals aspiring for weight gain often turn to the consumption of medications with side effects such as weight gain or bloating, ingesting them without medical consultation solely to attain the desired increase in weight.

This phenomenon also encompasses the utilization of homemade and undisclosed ingredient-containing “enemas” or “suppositories” sold online without regulation and consumed without awareness.

The Sahara Recipe for Buttock and Feminine Area Enhancement

An exemplary instance is the “Sahara Recipe,” a notable substance some individuals resort to for desired weight gain.

As this dish is recognized for its high-calorie content due to its ingredients, it has garnered widespread attention on social media. However, uncertainties persist regarding whether those involved in its commercialization use the same recognized ingredients or incorporate other substances to expedite results.

The Sahara Lahssa: Exploiting Traditional Recipes for Shady Trade

The “Sahara Lahssa” is another substance individuals turn to for desired weight gain. This dish, celebrated in southern Morocco, typically includes almonds, karqa, camel’s hump fat, sweet nata, cocoa, various types of chocolate, copious amounts of sugar, sesame seeds, and honey.

Given the Sahara Lahssa’s reputation for its high-calorie content due to its ingredients, it has been widely promoted on social media by individuals whose cleanliness and the safety of the place or methods used to prepare this dish remain unknown. The question persists: do those engaged in its trade truly use the same recognized ingredients, or do they introduce other substances to achieve quicker results?

Nutrition specialist Dr. Asmaa Zrioul warns that the phenomenon of women’s obsession with weight gain has significantly proliferated due to the surge in advertisements promoting substances claiming to be made from natural ingredients.

Dr. Zrioul cautions against the exploitation of traditional recipes, such as the Sahara Lahssa, and explains that similar substances are prepared with undisclosed components. They may be blended with cortisone, known for its efficacy in inflating the body.

Concerning health risks, Dr. Zrioul highlights that all these practices ultimately lead to a range of health risks, such as type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, and elevated triglycerides due to excessive consumption of these substances.

Protein for Fat Accumulation Instead of Muscle Building

Erroneous trends in the obsession with weight gain among women and girls include the consumption of protein powder, typically used to enhance muscle growth after physical exercises.

Despite the importance of protein powder in improving athletic performance and promoting muscle growth, its consumption should be balanced with suitable physical activity. Excessive intake without exercise can result in an unnecessary increase in calorie intake, contributing to unhealthy weight gain.

Illegal Business Ventures

With the growing interest in substances promoting weight gain among girls, there is a significant surge in obtaining these products. Social media platforms and e-commerce sites have become major sources for acquiring these substances. Numerous specialized traders promoting weight gain sell a variety of products, from undisclosed dietary supplements to medications widely advertised for weight gain.

This escalating demand for these products from girls aspiring to meet distorted and pressured beauty standards opens the door to illicit business operations. The number of merchants dealing in these goods is rising, heavily promoting them. This proliferation of traders is attributed to the increasing demand for these products by girls aspiring to achieve twisted and compressed beauty standards.

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