Imam Dicko’s Visit to Algeria Continues to Fuel Diplomatic Tensions with Bamako

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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The ambassadors of Mali and Algeria are currently engaged in consultations within their respective countries as the diplomatic crisis between the two nations unfolds. The tensions escalated following the red-carpet treatment extended by Algiers to Imam Mahmoud Dicko and armed groups from the North, who were defeated on November 14 in Kidal by the Malian army and the Wagner paramilitary group. Despite their stay in Algiers, tangible results have yet emerged from the consultations. Imam Mahmoud Dicko remains in Algiers.

Accused last week by Malian authorities of “treason” and being “hostile to the transition” in Mali, the influential Imam Mahmoud Dicko is still in Algiers at the invitation of the presidency. In a video released earlier this week, he refuted all accusations made by the junta against him.

In an official statement, supporters of Imam Mahmoud Dicko are urging the people of Bamako to prepare for a warm welcome upon his return from Algiers. However, the exact date of his arrival is unknown.

A Malian politician with close ties to the religious leader explains, “We will remain discreet for now. There is no question of Imam Dicko walking into the lion’s den.” It is known that he is at odds with the Malian junta, which did not appreciate the red carpet treatment he received in Algiers.

In some public statements, pro-military movements have even called for his arrest upon his return. However, a local judicial source has confided that a potential summons for the imam is not currently on the agenda. The situation remains complex, especially concerning the delegates of the armed groups from the North involved in the stalled peace process. Some are in Algeria, while others aspire to return to northern Mali to resume armed activities.

Soukaina Sghir

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