President Kais Saied Seeks to Reassert Control Following Low-turnout Local Elections

Soukaina Sghir
Soukaina Sghir
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President Kais Saied has spoken for the first time since the local elections held in Tunisia on December 26, 2023, which were largely boycotted by voters. During his visit to a steel factory, the Tunisian president aimed to assert his authority despite the low voter turnout. Approximately 12% of voters participated in the elections initiated by President Saied. The president, acknowledging the low turnout, expressed determination during his visit.

“It will take some time for the people to trust those who represent them again. There are people in the administration who are nostalgic for the past, but history never goes backward,” he declared.

Despite the low participation, President Saied emphasized the need to revive a state-owned enterprise during his field visit. This visit provided another opportunity for Saied to criticize the opposition, which he claims is supported by foreign entities.

“Those who claim they want to save the country should try to save our public enterprises instead of demonstrating in front of the municipal theater in Tunis. We know that their director is abroad, and they are just puppets dancing on the steps of this theater,” he added.

For months, Kais Saied has been making frequent, often nocturnal, visits to major public institutions in the country to highlight the urgency of ending what he calls “corruption.” In recent weeks, several businessmen accused of corruption have been arrested in Tunis.


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