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Afaf Fahchouch
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As Johannesburg anticipates the Christmas holiday, the latest reports from Johannesburg Water indicate a general stability in their systems, though certain areas are grappling with water supply challenges. Despite recent months marked by water-related issues, the utility assures the public that, in the overall context, their systems remain operational.

The city has faced ongoing water challenges, exacerbated by a surge in demand at the onset of December. This surge strained existing supplies, prompting concerns about the city’s ability to meet water demands. However, the most recent update from Johannesburg Water, issued on Saturday afternoon, suggests a semblance of normalcy in the functioning of their systems.

While the majority of the systems appear to be operating without significant issues, there are specific areas facing challenges. A broken valve at the Parktown complex reservoir is impacting water supply to Parktown, Dunkeld, and Berea. Johannesburg Water has assured the public that the issue is currently under attention and being addressed promptly.

In addition to the Parktown complex reservoir situation, parts of Soweto, serviced by the Zondi, Doornkop, and Power Park reservoirs, are experiencing low water pressure, with some areas reporting no water supply. Similar challenges are expected in Bramfischerville and certain regions serviced by the Protea Glen Tower.

Despite these localized challenges, Johannesburg Water emphasizes that the overall situation is relatively stable. It is crucial for residents to remain aware that level one water restrictions remain in effect citywide until the end of March. As a reminder, residents are advised to refrain from using hosepipes for activities such as washing cars, watering gardens, or filling pools between 6 am and 6 pm during this period.

As the holiday season approaches, Johannesburg Water continues to monitor and address any issues promptly, ensuring a more reliable water supply for residents during this festive time.


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