Cape Town Residents Urged To Prioritize Waste Responsibility During The Festive Season

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Cape Town Residents Urged To Prioritize Waste Responsibility During The Festive Season

As Cape Town gears up for the festive season, residents are receiving a crucial reminder from the City of Cape Town to refrain from illegal dumping, emphasizing the detrimental impact on the environment and public health.

City officials underscored that the illegal disposal of waste within communities poses not only an environmental hazard but also presents a health risk to local residents. With the potential for increased waste generation during the holiday period, authorities are urging Capetonians to exercise responsible waste management practices.

Grant Twigg, the City’s Mayco Member for Urban Waste Management, stressed the importance of avoiding illegal dumping and encouraged residents to utilize designated waste disposal areas. Twigg further advocated for community-driven initiatives, suggesting the establishment of community gardens as a proactive measure to reduce dumping sites in residential areas.

“In an effort to combat illegal dumping, residents are encouraged to take the initiative by creating and maintaining community gardens, effectively contributing to the reduction of dumping sites within their neighborhoods,” stated Twigg. He reiterated the city’s commitment to collaborating with communities and individuals, expressing eagerness to support such environmentally conscious initiatives.

Illegal dumping has been a persistent issue in Cape Town, with significant financial implications for the city, costing over R300 million annually. The appeal for responsible waste disposal comes as part of a broader strategy to address environmental concerns and promote community involvement in maintaining a cleaner, healthier living environment.

As the festive season unfolds, Cape Town residents are urged to adopt sustainable practices, fostering a collective effort towards waste reduction and environmental preservation. The city remains committed to partnering with its residents to create a cleaner and more sustainable living space for all.



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