Chad: After the Referendum, Each Stands Firm on Their Conclusions

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Chad is still awaiting the results of the constitutional referendum held on December 17. The provisional official figures are expected to be announced on Sunday, December 24. Public statements have been made in recent days to analyze the conditions of the vote, with a particular focus on the key question of participation, which remains a topic of debate.

“We are delighted that the severe boycott we advocated has been widely followed,” stated Yaya Dillo, representing the Federation of Credible Opposition (FOC). According to him, almost all Chadian voters boycotted the polls. He described it as a “fiasco for the project of a unitary state,” emphasizing the leader of FOC.

Among those advocating for the “no” choice, there is a demand for a new vote. Brice Mbaïmon Guedmbaye highlighted “irregularities” and called on the government for “condemnations.” He specifically mentioned ballot stuffing for the “yes” side, and videos circulating on social media support these claims.

Confident “yes” supporters

On the side of those supporting the constitutional changes, Mahamat Zène Bada called for investigations and the annulment of results where “malpractices” are proven. However, the former head of the MPS (Patriotic Salvation Movement) asserted that these incidents did not compromise the regularity of the vote. He emphasized, “We are confident of our victory,” noting that there was a “lack of enthusiasm in the morning, but the gap was filled in the evening.”

“The low enthusiasm at the opening progressed during the day,” explained the Observatory of Associations for the Electoral Process. The Oapet noted in its report the “smooth running of the voting operations” but hopes for more inclusivity in the organization of future electoral events.

Soukaina Sghir

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