Revamping Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs.. Government Unveils Reforms for a Tech-Driven Ministry Under Tinubu’s Administration

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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The Nigerian government has revealed plans to overhaul the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, introducing reforms and reinstating undersecretaries to align with President Bola Tinubu’s foreign policy agenda. During a lecture at the annual event of the Association of Retired Career Ambassadors of Nigeria Foreign Policy, Foreign Affairs Minister Yusuf Tuggar outlined the necessity of a technology-driven approach and efficient bureaucracy to realize Tinubu’s 4Ds foreign policy—Democracy, Diaspora, Demography, and Development.

Tuggar emphasized the ongoing reforms, enhanced working conditions, and the reintroduction of undersecretaries in the coming year, alongside the commitment to uphold Nigeria’s constitutional foreign policy objectives.

He highlighted the enduring principles of Nigeria’s foreign policy, including safeguarding national interests, promoting African integration, fostering international cooperation for global peace, and eliminating discrimination. Referencing the Renewed Hope Agenda outlined by President Tinubu, the minister emphasized key objectives such as protecting against external aggression, securing favorable outcomes in international engagements, and enhancing Nigeria’s global standing.

President of ARCAN, Amb. John Shinkaiye, underscored the crucial role of foreign policy formulation and execution, acknowledging its far-reaching impact on Nigeria, West Africa, and beyond. Shinkaiye stressed the need for the new government to establish strategic priorities, anticipate challenges, and navigate regional and global dynamics.

ARCAN expressed readiness to collaborate with other government entities involved in implementing Nigeria’s foreign policy, recognizing the multifaceted influences shaping the country’s stance on security, economic cooperation, and international relations.


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