Tshwane City Takes Steps to Address Service Disruptions During Festive Period

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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As the festive season approaches, the City of Tshwane has implemented measures to address potential challenges arising from the temporary cessation of non-essential municipal services. Starting next week Wednesday, licensing centers, daily bus services, and meter readings will be temporarily halted, with services expected to resume in 2024.

Despite these disruptions, the city council has reassured residents that essential communication channels will remain open throughout the festive period. Call centers and email lines will be operational, allowing residents to report issues or seek assistance, even though walk-ins to municipal offices will be temporarily unavailable.

Services impacted by the pause include the reporting of issues such as potholes, power outages, and faulty traffic lights, emphasizing the importance of utilizing alternative communication methods during this time.

Commuters relying on the A Re Yeng and Tshwane Bus Services may experience disruptions due to scheduling changes, prompting the city to advise residents to plan accordingly.

However, essential services crucial to the community will continue without interruption, with refuse collection and maintenance work slated to persist during the holiday season. To encourage tourism and recreation, nature reserves and resorts in the area will remain open, providing an opportunity for holidaymakers to explore the capital.

By proactively addressing potential challenges and ensuring continued essential services, the City of Tshwane aims to minimize inconvenience for residents while maintaining a safe and functional environment throughout the festive season.


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