U.S. Conducts Airstrike Targeting Russian Aircraft in Libya

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According to the Italian news agency Nova, citing a Libyan source, a drone targeted a Russian military aircraft stationed at the al-Jufra airbase in southeast Libya on December 12. The base, under the control of Khalifa Haftar and occupied by the Wagner Group for years, reportedly saw an airstrike on an aircraft utilized by the Wagner Group in Libya. Satellite imagery corroborates the strike, attributing it to the United States.

Activists shared photos and videos depicting a burning aircraft at a military airport in a desert area, confirming it to be of Russian origin. Analysis of satellite images and NASA visuals by experts revealed a burning Ilyushin II-76.

Comparisons between pre and post-strike photos reveal a black aircraft-shaped mark on the tarmac that did not exist before December 12.

According to Nova, the targeted plane was carrying electronic jamming devices intended for the new Russian military contingent in Africa. This force is set to replace Wagner and is expected to be stationed in Libya. The materials, according to the agency, were destined for both Libya and Sudan.

The Italian news agency, citing other Libyan sources, also reports another strike on December 7, targeting al-Jufra and a smaller base in Zalla, located approximately 200 km away.

In June of the previous year, our sources indicated that a similar aircraft was targeted by a drone at the al-Khadem base in northeast Libya.

Washington alleges that Russia is using Libya as a platform to orchestrate activities in the Sahel. The Africom, along with Khalifa Haftar, has remained silent on the matter, amid the ongoing power struggle between Russia and NATO in Africa.

Soukaina Sghir

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