Algerian Mediator Engages Mali’s Armed Groups Signatories to Peace Accord

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Peace Accord

In a diplomatic move aimed at fostering dialogue, Algeria, as the lead mediator for the international peace accord, has been consulting with various Malian armed groups who signed the 2015 peace agreement. Representatives of these groups have been received in the Algerian capital in recent days.

Last Wednesday, Algeria reaffirmed its “firm conviction” in a public statement that the peace accord remains the “appropriate framework” for preserving Mali’s sovereignty and territorial integrity through peaceful means. This announcement marked Algeria’s first public communication since the resumption of hostilities, with the entry of the Malian Armed Forces (Fama) and the Wagner Group into Kidal a month ago.

Among those consulted, the Movement for the Salvation of Azawad (MSA), the primary pro-Bamako signatory group, met with Algerian officials last week. On Monday, it was the turn of a delegation from the rebel group, Cadre Stratégique Permanent (CSP). Participants, describing the discussions as “positive consultations,” emphasized the importance of maintaining the 2015 peace accord as the optimal framework for negotiations.

However, the CSP delegation conveyed the view that, given the current context, meaningful dialogue seems impossible. The rebels argue that the transitional Malian authorities instigated the resumption of hostilities and wish for the Algerian mediator to unequivocally acknowledge this, thus assigning responsibility on a global scale. As of now, Algeria has not presented any concrete proposals to exit the conflict and restart discussions.

In response, the rebels once again denounced the violence perpetrated by the Russian Wagner Group, acting as a supplementary force for the Malian army, against civilians. The CSP also advocated for the thousands of Northern Malians who have sought refuge across the border, urging Algeria to provide assistance and refugee status. The CSP delegation, currently in Algiers, awaits further communication from their hosts.

The MSA, another armed group signatory to the peace accord and aligned with the current authorities in Bamako, opted not to comment on its engagements with the Algerian mediation.


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