Israel Plans to Construct Anti-Tunnel Wall on Egypt-Gaza Border

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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In a move to enhance security measures, Israel is reportedly planning to build an underground anti-tunnel wall near the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. The wall is expected to be erected along the Philadelphi Corridor after the conclusion of the recent conflict in Gaza, as reported by the Israeli military radio.

According to the military radio, an Israeli delegation has visited Egypt to discuss the construction of the wall. Citing an Israeli security official, the radio stated, “The Egyptians understand that Israel needs this wall for its security.”

As of now, Egypt has not provided any official comment on the information disseminated by the Israeli military radio.

The Philadelphi Corridor is a narrow passage within the Gaza Strip, stretching 14 kilometers along the border between the enclave and Egypt.

Israel is concerned about potential tunnels in the Palestinian area east of Rafah, deemed an extension of the Philadelphi Corridor, according to the Israeli channel i24News. Egypt has repeatedly claimed that there are no underground tunnels in the border area with the Gaza Strip.

Israel contends that underground tunnels have played a pivotal role in the operations of the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas on the battlefield.

In response to a cross-border attack by Hamas on October 7, Israel has conducted airstrikes and ground raids on the Gaza Strip, imposed a blockade, and launched a ground offensive against the besieged Palestinian enclave.

Since then, at least 18,800 Palestinians, predominantly children and women, have been killed, and 51,000 others injured in Israeli attacks, according to health authorities in Gaza.

The Hamas attack reportedly resulted in 1,200 deaths on the Israeli side, with over 130 hostages still held by Hamas in Gaza, as per official figures released by Tel Aviv authorities.


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