French Company Delivers Intelligent Border Surveillance System to Melilla Authorities

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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French Company Delivers Intelligent Border Surveillance System to Melilla Authorities

The commanding headquarters of the Spanish army in the occupied city of Melilla has received an intelligent surveillance system manufactured by the French company “Thales.” This system will enable the Spanish Civil Guard to monitor the borders of the occupied enclave using smart technology.

The French company, specialized in aerospace, defense, and security industries, stated in a press release that “the new system provides more reliable monitoring and will contribute to improving border surveillance for the city of Melilla, which is considered vital for the interests of Spain and Europe.”

The same company, which has a presence within Moroccan territories, explained that “this system consists of fixed monitoring stations to provide the Spanish Civil Guard with extensive land and sea coverage using intelligent technologies.”

Among the features highlighted in the press release, it was mentioned that “with the installation of this surveillance system, the Civil Guard will have high-resolution cameras day and night, in addition to other sensing devices. These night vision cameras operate with thermal imaging and control and monitoring software called ‘HORUS,’ fully developed by the company’s team in Spain. It allows central management to control all sensors and operators, along with processing captured images.”

The French company confirmed that the new system received by the Spanish army will enable its command in Melilla to conduct intelligent border surveillance, separating the occupied enclave from Morocco.

According to the aforementioned source, the administrative reception (documentation of the surveillance system) by the Spanish Civil Guard in Melilla was completed on November 9. It was noted that “Melilla currently has a comprehensive surveillance system.”

In a Thales press release, the project’s director, Miguel Bueno, stated, “We are very pleased to contribute to improving border surveillance in the city of Melilla with an integrated surveillance system. This geographical location is complex for any other system, and coordinating between different partners was challenging, as well as acquiring the best-performing equipment before the tight delivery deadline.” He pointed out that “the objectives were achieved thanks to the cooperation and alignment of all involved parties, including the leadership of the Spanish army in Melilla.”

According to the official website of the French company, “Thales maintains close relationships with small and medium-sized companies and universities in Morocco and is a member of the Moroccan Association of Aerospace Industries (GIMAS), the Railway Industries Association (GIFER), and the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Morocco (CLUC).”


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