Corneille Nangaa Launches “Alliance Fleuve Congo” Coalition Involving M23

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Corneille Nangaa

Former President of the National Independent Electoral Commission (Céni), Corneille Nangaa, officially announced the launch of a new coalition named “Alliance Fleuve Congo” on Friday, December 15. Speaking from Nairobi, Kenya, Nangaa held a press conference unveiling details of this anti-Félix Tshisekedi alliance, which encompasses various entities, including the M23 and other armed groups, as well as political factions. What do we know about this new alliance, and what are its objectives?

According to Corneille Nangaa, the primary goal of his initiative is the restructuring of the State. “If achieving this requires taking power in Kinshasa, we will do so,” he declared to RFI. The former head of Céni emphasized that it is a political, social, and potentially armed struggle if deemed necessary and justified.

Nangaa explained that the armed groups affiliated with his alliance are dispersed in the former oriental province and the Katanga region, spanning both Kivus and Ituri. Among these groups is the M23, with the political branch’s president present alongside him in Nairobi.

The M23, a group backed by Kigali, including Bernard Maheshe Byamungu identified as the deputy commander of operations and intelligence for M23, has recently faced sanctions from the United Nations.

As the political landscape in the Democratic Republic of the Congo undergoes this significant development, the implications of the “Alliance Fleuve Congo” and its alignment with armed groups raise concerns about the potential impact on the stability and governance of the region.


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