Diplomatic Preparations Unfold for the Sixth Arab-Russian Forum in Marrakech

Mouad Boudina
Mouad Boudina
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Preparations for the upcoming Arab-Russian Forum, scheduled for December 20 in Marrakech, are actively underway, and Saudi Arabia is actively participating in the process. The Arab League’s recent statement reveals the involvement of Saudi Arabia’s permanent representative, Abdelaziz bin Abdallah al-Matar, in the second Arab coordination meeting held at the League’s headquarters in Cairo.

This meeting, co-chaired by key figures such as Hicham Ould Sallay, Morocco’s Acting Permanent Representative to the Arab League, Russian Ambassador Georgy Borizenko, and Deputy Secretary General of the Arab League, Khaled bin Mohammed Al-Manzlawi, witnessed the participation of permanent delegates from the Arab League.

The preparatory session, a follow-up to consultations between Morocco and the general secretariat of the Arab League, served the purpose of discussing the logistical arrangements for the sixth session of the Arab-Russian Cooperation Forum at the ministerial level.

Beyond logistical considerations, the meeting also sought to finalize crucial draft documents intended for this session. These documents include the Final Declaration and the Action Plan, outlining the strategic implementation of principles and objectives guiding the Arab-Russian Cooperation Forum for the period 2024-2026, as detailed by the same source. The collaborative efforts and high-level engagement underscore the significance placed on fostering cooperation between Arab and Russian entities.

In essence, the preparations highlight the diplomatic intricacies involved in ensuring the success of the Arab-Russian Forum, emphasizing collaborative dialogue, coordination, and the strategic formulation of documents that will shape the future trajectory of Arab-Russian cooperation.

Mouad Boudina

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