Dozens Massacred by Men in Military Uniforms in the West of Burkina Faso

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Burkina Faso

In the commune of Fô in western Burkina Faso, approximately 95 km from Bobo-Dioulasso, around thirty people were massacred on Friday morning, December 8, by men in military uniforms. On the weekly market day in Dougounani, the assailants first executed a woman before targeting others.

The residents of Dongounani village experienced a dark Friday. On market day, according to an eyewitness, men dressed in military uniforms arrived on motorcycles. A woman was ordered to follow them. Concerned, some people tried to inquire about the reasons for this arrest.

A few minutes later, the woman was pulled from the crowd by the men in uniform and executed on the spot. Some residents then attempted to flee; some were caught and killed in turn.

According to information gathered by RFI from various local sources, among the murdered villagers are young children, pregnant women, and elderly individuals. One of the victims, a well-known figure in the community, was 93 years old. All the deceased were buried in a mass grave.

This is not the first tragedy in this commune of approximately 20,000 inhabitants. In July of last year, the village of Kiébani was targeted in an attack that resulted in the killing of four Volunteers for the Defense of the Fatherland (VDP).


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