Kenya Airways Warns of Holiday Flight Disruptions

Mouad Boudina
Mouad Boudina
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Kenya Airways (KQNA.NR) has advised its patrons to anticipate potential disturbances in its flight schedule over the upcoming festive season, attributing the likelihood to shortages in spare parts.

Kenya Airways, a prominent African airline, has communicated that the current shortage of parts, influencing the global supply chain, is anticipated to result in flight disruptions lasting around two weeks.

In a statement issued on Monday, Kenya Airways explained that the ongoing challenges are causing their aircraft to spend more time on the ground for maintenance. This situation may also result in the grounding of one or more of their aircraft.

The airline initially highlighted the challenges arising from spare parts shortages in January of this year. During that period, it attributed the shortages to the repercussions of the Ukraine war, which significantly impacted the global aviation supply chain by disrupting the Russian component supply.

At that time, the company explained that the conflict had disrupted the supply of titanium from Russia, a vital raw material for the aviation industry essential for aircraft maintenance.

Mouad Boudina 

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