Morocco-UAE Economic Agreements.. A Strategic Integration for Development in Africa

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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In a recent parliamentary session discussing the 2024 budget bill, Fouzi Lekjaa, the Minister Delegate in charge of the Budget, commended the economic agreements between Morocco and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) signed in Abu Dhabi. Lekjaa characterized these agreements as a manifestation of a wise royal vision and a strategic collaboration with a country bound by brotherhood and integration.

The minister highlighted the significance of these agreements, positioning Morocco and the UAE as an integrated structure not only for their individual development but also as entities capable of exporting their integrative experiences to Africa, Europe, and various global regions.

Lekjaa underscored the importance of the economic dimension in generating wealth, employment, and growth rates that empower Moroccan youth. He pointed out that these agreements align with the recent royal speeches, where King Mohammed VI called for West African countries to open up to Morocco’s Atlantic facade, forming an African economic bloc capable of global engagement.

Describing this as the societal vision and development led by King Mohammed VI, Lekjaa noted that the 2024 budget bill is part of a developmental series initiated by the King for more than two decades. In this approach, the social and economic aspects seamlessly coordinate and integrate.

Lekjaa raised a fundamental question during the session: To what extent has or will the financial law respond to the construction of an advanced and developed Morocco, constituting a real exception in a region experiencing various disturbances?

In the parliamentary discussions, both majority and opposition factions praised the robust and enduring partnership between Rabat and Abu Dhabi. They emphasized the importance of investing in and preserving this partnership to ensure the desired and necessary results for the benefit of both fraternal countries and their people.


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