Ebonyi State Governor Unveils Ambitious N204 Billion Budget for 2024

Afaf Fahchouch
Afaf Fahchouch
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Ebonyi State Governor Unveils Ambitious N204 Billion Budget for 2024

Governor Francis Nwifuru recently revealed Ebonyi State’s proposed budget for the year 2024. During his presentation at the Community-Based Input on the Proposed 2024 Budget in Abakaliki, he emphasized that the budget would be based on the “people’s chatter of needs” in the region. The estimated sum of the budget is N204 billion.

Governor Nwifuru outlined key priorities for the upcoming year, with a strong focus on education, employment, healthcare, and human capital development. He expressed a commitment to addressing the needs of residents, particularly those engaged in hawking across various parts of the country. The governor highlighted plans to provide skills training for these individuals, aiming to uplift and empower them.

Education emerged as a central pillar of the 2024 agenda, with the governor pledging significant investments in the sector. The state plans to sponsor over 300 graduates for master’s programs as part of ongoing efforts to promote higher education. Additionally, a comprehensive revitalization of primary and secondary school levels is on the agenda.

Breaking down the budget, Commissioner for Finance, Dr. Leonard Uguru, provided a detailed analysis, revealing a division between N132.8 billion allocated for capital expenditure and N71.3 billion for recurrent expenditure. This balanced allocation underscores the state’s commitment to both development projects and the sustenance of ongoing programs.

As Ebonyi State sets forth its ambitious financial plan for 2024, residents anticipate positive impacts on education, employment, and overall socio-economic development in the region. The proposed budget reflects a strategic approach to address the diverse needs of the people and foster comprehensive growth in the state.


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